Needs additional information on Bregon and Agareth


Required Level: 15

Summons Grewpain, an ice demon.

A lower level summon, Grewpain is usually used only up until level 36, when it is replaced by Regulus, which has higher damage. It's special ability is ice, which slows an enemy down, but dosn't do any additional damage.

Pros: Ice slows enemies down, ranged attack, higher physical damage than Terantula

Cons: No additional damage with special ability, low HP, attacks only 1 enemy at a time


Required level: 36

Summons Regulus, a thunder demon.

Regelus is a mid-grade summon who's special ability is Thunder, which shocks an enemy and does additional lightning damage.

Pros: Does additional lightning damage, higher physical damage than Aldebaron

Cons: melee attack, can only attack one enemy at a time, has lower HP than Aldebaron.


Required Level: 58

Summons Saliam, a fire demon

Salaim is a ranged demon who's special ability is Fire, which causes burning damage(?).

Pros: Ranged attack, additional damage to attack(burning)(?)

Cons: lower HP than Tentator


Required Level: 83

Summons Bregon, a Fire Demon





Required Level: 108

Summons Agareth, Priest of Hell




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