Using the Animal Rides

1. Purchase an Animal Ride Item from an NPC, such as Sergio at Braiken or Hose at Loa.

2. Equip Animal Ride Item

To use the Animal Ride Item, you must equip it in one of your character’s option slots. Once you have equipped the item, you will see the animal ride icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. (Note that if your current location does not allow animal rides, the icon will appear inactive.)

3. Use the Animal Ride Item

You can activate the Animal Ride in two ways: 1. Click on the icon. 2. Press the “J” key. Note that there will be a slight delay when mounting and dismounting, during which time you will not be able to move.

Regarding the Animal Ride

1. You must meet the minimum level to use the animal ride

2. The animal ride feature is not available in all areas. The Animal Ride icon will be active where it can be used.

3. Animal rides generally have time limits.

4. While the animal ride is active, you cannot use skills, fish, PVP, open and individual shop, or use the cash shop.

5. Only one animal ride may be equipped in the option slot.

6. Animal Ride Items cannot be thrown away, sold, or traded.

7. All current buff effects will be removed when using Animal Ride.

8. You cannot cancel while mounting and dismounting.

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