Source NPCEdit

Orpheus in Braiken


  • Level Requirement: 20

Sub QuestsEdit

Orpheus's Dream Interpretation Letter

Manthalena at Norak Dungeon has sent a letter to Orpheus to interpret her dreams. Orpheus has asked you to deliver the interpretation letter to Manthalena.
You need to deliver Orpheus's interpretation letter to Manthalena at Norak Dungeon.

Getting Rid of the Threat

According to Orpheus's interpretation, Mantalena is in danger of being attacked by the Yetarians.
So Manthalena asks you to kill the Yetarians that live near here.
You need to kill 20 Yetarians that appear in Norak Dungeon


Orpheus's Dream Interpretation Letter

  • --

Getting Rid of the Threat


Orpheus's Dream Interpretation Letter

Take Orpheus's letter to Manthelena in Norak Cave Fl1. It is easiest to access Manthelena by going to Den of Norak via North Ares

Getting Rid of the Threat

Kill 20 Yetarian which are in the SE corner of Norak Cave Fl1.


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