Main summoner

Vicious Summoner

The sorcery of The Summoners is called from the tradition of The Incar and of the older, darker magics of Bonereavers, beasts, Pitborn and demons of other realms. They have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. Even at that, there is no loyalty to each other. The Black Path is the road upon which all Summoners walk. They traffic with evil so that they may dominate it and bend it to their will. Only for their own benefit will they fight. Their powers are vast, but few attain the highest levels because of the demands put upon the soul of the practitioner. Unlike The Incar, Summoners do not separate bladecraft from magic. Proficient in dark magic and battle, they are loathed and feared by man and Pitborn alike. They are the new "pvp kings". With there new skills the underated summoner has now almost reached their full potential.

The speciality of Summoners is not High Attack Power but High Attack Rate. Ignoring this fact causes many (mostly low Twinblade ) Summoners to put way to many points into Str, thinking they have to compete with an Azure Knights or Bagis Attack Power. But since Summoners have a rather low natural Defense and health, those STR-Builds tend make the summoner spend most of their Time lying Dead on the Floor.


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